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With influences as diverse as rock, choral, and traditional Indian music, Moonphonic is an eclectic collection of soothing melodies and powerful lyrics — coming out in 2024!


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Not One More Day

Celebrating the journey to healing and the companionship that makes it possible.
Coming out in 2024!

Eight Verses to Dissolve All Fears

A unique piece in the Moonphonic repertoire — timeless lyrics sung in Sanskrit, accompanied by an evocative original orchestral rock meditation. Based on the “Chandrashekhar Ashtakam,” a Shaiva hymn devotees in India recite when struck by fear of illness or death, searching for the comforting embrace of faith. The refrain proclaims, What can the Lord of Death do to me if I take refuge in the Almighty?

Coming out in 2024!

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